Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Taj Mahal, Texas Style

When I work on the road, I work primarily in college towns or mid-sized cities. Arlington, Texas is neither. I always thought it was kind-of-a-cow-town, and it is the largest city in America that has no public transportation.

But Arlington is very close to DFW, which is a city in itself. And it's got a pretty strong Six Flags, and the Ballpark at Arlington is a excellent facility. Oh, and there's this:

There was an awful lot to my first job in over 5 months. Hopefully we let you inside enough in a very very memorable telecast. The grind of day trip to Norman became a thrill as we sat down with a Heisman winner. Then our hearts sunk as he returned from halftime with a sling on his throwing arm. And there was live television to produce, and big upsets are exciting.

But almost as exciting was our tour through the visionary Dallas Cowboys Stadium. I could have shot plasma screens all day, but I was in the Cowboys' Cheerleaders locker room.

And when I was in the Cowboys locker room I got to play QB for a second. Though my crew thought I looked much more like Jon Kitna than Tony Romo.

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