Saturday, March 6, 2010

Too Big To Fail?


As the Big Love Season Four finale' approaches, we continued to be dazzled with Bill Henrickson's ability to handle everything.

Just to sum up - suburban husband-of-three, father-of-eight, owner of the SLC Home Plus franchise as well as partnering in a casino, he manages the assets of the UEB (polygamist compound where he was raised), and he's running for State Senate.

And if you've pigeon-holed Bill as a provincial nutcase, you should have seen him operate on location in Washington and Mexico.

But meanwhile, Bill's 1st wife is saying inflammatory things and has become a lightning rod for the campaign, his short-lived 4th wife is pregnant, and his oldest daughter is leaving the nest. And a Washington lobbyist is threatening some heavy leverage as the stakes continue to rise.

While Big Love may be just as compelling as ever, the drama has raised to Dallas/Dynasty type levels. And when there are so many storylines escalating, sometimes the line from Point A to Point B goes a little off course. So even though the conflict may at times be a little more contrived, it's still a TV page-turner.

There is no question Bill has the will and the faith to pull it all off, even when those around him waver. But what if the walls finally came crumbling down?

What if in the season finale' Bill leads the clan down a path of disgrace? What if the entire family is exposed and stigmatized? How would Bill resolve this?

How would Season Five begin with Bill trying to resolve his failure? Or does he win, achieve elected office and continue to conquer the world with more and more to lose? Stay tuned.

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