Thursday, February 25, 2010

Through The Looking Glass

It's rare when the story-tellers become the story. But on this occasion The Columbus (MS) Dispatch and one very thorough reporter tried "keeping up with Eric Posman and Dave Burchett," at least on one afternoon.

Adam Minichino's main beat is Mississippi State athletics, but threw us for a little bit of a loop when he walked into our truck wearing an old-school San Diego Padres jacket. He seemed sharp, asked good questions and talked to a lot of people. I thought it would be a nice little feature in the hometown paper.

It turned out to dominate the Sunday sports section - a central story with 8 sidebars, focusing on the talent, the replay operators, and the producer's opening format among other things.

We kept the language clean, and stayed away from off-color jokes (except one from the director - just ask him about it). I even had to turn around and say "Don't print that!" But generally it was the only time I thought about being observed.

My only issue was there was no picture of me, the producer. There is a photo of director Dave Burchett very much in his domain.

There were pictures of the announcers, audio guy, tape room. Why not me? I guess the photog was afraid of the glare.

Not only do I have a face for radio, but a head that can't make the daily rag.

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