Sunday, July 18, 2010

Backtime Road Trip Day 11: Your Tax Dollars At Work

Since I was spent, I decided not to spend. And take the kids on some more convenient public (read: free) offerings in the New York/New jersey area.

First was the Asser Levy Recreation Center on Manhattan's Lower East side. It was a very clean outdoor pool setting, and very tightly run. It was if Mayor Bloomberg himself made sure that nobody brought a cell phone, gym bag, or water bottle poolside.

But tight rules make for careful and respectful patrons, and the free pool experience was fun for everyone. Not to mention we beat the Sunday rush at 11 AM.

Then after lunch it was off to Van Saun Park in Paramus, NJ. Free admission here as well, with all the basics to occupy a couple of kiddos for a couple of hours. Like the carousel (photogenic daughter not included):

Or the expansive playground:

Or checking out where the Bergen County buffalo roam.

The Sunday funday ended at Bischoff's Ice Cream shop in Teaneck, or as my GPS called it up "Bischoff's Confectionary." Bischoff's has been in one spot since 1934 while the world has changed around them. It's a landmark whose ice cream sodas alone are worth your tax dollars.

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