Friday, July 16, 2010

Backtime Road Trip Day 9: Another Day In The Park

New Yorkers call today "hot." While I still consider myself a New Yorker in my mind, my body lives in Savannah, and I've achieved Climate Conditioning Transformation.

Got a late start out this morning and it was the warmest and most humid since we got here. The Grandparents and I took the kids over to Central Park to the Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink. It was the standard kiddie fun fair, for kids of all ages.

For 3-Year Old Daughter it was a chance to ride some "big kid" rides that she'd never been on before. For 6-Year Old Son, it was just another chance to get overheated and melt down after a couple of very active hours.

So the next stop was one of the playground/fountains, where the kids got their swimsuits on and got to cool off a little. But there were lots of camp groups and some pushy kids, so the Buddy System was in full effect.

Anyway, after 4 hours in the sun, my kids' nerves were frayed and my parents' energy was zapped. This is where my Climate Conditioning Transformation (CCT) comes in handy.

The rest of the day was indoor play in the AC, and after the usual practices, the kids had to invent their own entertainment.

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