Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Backtime Road Trip Day 12: Zoo Times Two

That stuff I said last week about New Yorkers being wimpy about the heat - that lasted until the Monday morning downpour. The rain didn't cool things off, just made things steamier.

Who knew a family trip to the Central Park Zoo would include the "Rain Forest" package free of charge.

The kids wondered where all the animals were, but they were only doing what all our instincts were telling us to do: find a shady spot and take a nap.

The penguins have the right idea for July. I know I told you the one about the guy who was supposed to take the penguins to the zoo, but he had some money left over, so he took them to the movies.

But others are just meant to triumph over the dog days of summer:

As evening rolled around, it was time to visit a very different zoo. This one located in a Rockwellian manor on an acre of land just off the Saw Mill Parkway in Mt. Kisco. But don't let the serene setting fool you.

Inside there was another kind of zoo, where two solo Dads armed only with their Syracuse education took on four little critters from dusk through dawn.

In this case, feeding the animals was required. And some fat and happy animals were successfully tamed.

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