Friday, September 28, 2012

Garden Variety Weblog

OK, Backtime relaunch Day 77 and like the little flower patch on the street corner, we're not dead yet.

Keeping your garden alive combines both natural and external factors. It rained almost every day in August, but hardly at all in September. Then you have to make sure you water them right before a trip out of town, and as soon as you get back.

The blog isn't much different. You want it to grow organically, but it still needs to be fed every day. And due to lack of inspiration, or lack of time (work, kids), you sometimes have to rely on external factors to keep the blog alive.

In my case, I have a backlog of books to review, a presidential election breathing down our necks, and if all else fails, the Yankees and the Jets.

It's also Day 77 for the four sets of beauties hanging from my porch. They require a lot more attention as they don't get direct sunlight or rain.

Well today's planned post required a little more attention so it's been pushed back to tomorrow. There are six games to go in the MLB regular season and things may be clearer (or more muddled) when I tackle it tomorrow. It will be the ultimate one-sheet for the MLB Playoff scenarios, as THIS YEAR IS A NEW FORMAT.

This will come from someone who once drew out a 32-box grid, charting all the 1984 NFL Playoff possibilities going into the last weekend, all while waiting for my race at an indoor track meet as a high school sophomore. It will be precise. I hope.

In the meantime don't forget to water your plants, y'all.

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