Sunday, September 9, 2012

Green Day!

"2.0" is the new overused update description. HBO's The Newsroom was all centered around their new mission and "NewsNight 2.0." I can't tell you how many referred to The President's most recent convention speech as "Obama 2.0." I even relaunched this site after 20 months off and casually dropped a "Backtime 2.0."

How would The New York Jets 2.0 work out with Tim Tebow in the mix? Well, they had hired Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator to make sure everyone was on the same page, and make the best use of both quarterbacks while constantly switching offenses and changing tempo. I identified this as the key to their season on August 3.

And after a Jets preseason that yielded no victories and only one touchdown, it didn't look too promising. Not that it meant anything, but there was certainly nothing pointing to what we saw today.

I'm not keeping score by the final score, as impressive as 48-28 was. I grade on whether the offense was seamless, were there mistakes?

And by mistakes I don't mean the Sanchez pick on the first drive where he scrambled and made an ill-advised flip that turned into a deflection INT on the sideline (that could have been overturned).

By mistakes I mean illegal procedures, delays of game, broken plays, or anything else that can be attributed to confusion on the offensive side. Sparano gets an "A."

There was one delay of game within 2:00 remaining in the first half that turned a 3rd & 3 into a 3rd & 8. They still kicked the FG to go up 27-7 at the half.

In the 4th quarter there was one procedure call, and then a delay related to the Tebow shuttle when the game was well into garbage time.

Sanchez was brilliant and used all his receivers. Three Jets corners had picks in one-on-one coverage, and Antonio Cromartie took his to the house. (I could have done without the somersault into the endzone, but if he does 16 of those this year, who am I to gripe?) And Jeremy Kerley returned a punt for a TD as well.

Tebow was a non-factor but a presence. The Steelers will obviously have to prepare for him next week, and they don't need to be reminded about Tebow after he ended their 2011 season in the playoffs in Denver.

The performance wasn't perfect. The Jets D had some problems tackling C.J. Spiller in the open field, but I have the feeling they won't be the last team in 2012 to say that.

And the Jets never really flexed their muscles in the running game. We'll have to wait for next week for Shonn Greene Day.

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