Thursday, September 13, 2012

Savannah State vs Florida State: Through The Looking Glass

Much has been made of Savannah State's early-season money-grab. The 139-0 tally at Oklahoma State and Florida State may have lined the pockets of the school's struggling athletic department, but the attempt at national brand recognition may have adversely tilted the big ledger sheet in the sky.

So what were they thinking? SSU Athletic Director Sterling Steward, Jr. spoke about the broader picture to WSAV's Ken Slats:

"In order to understand what big-time college athletics is, you have to see it first-hand, you have to experience it. And these first two games have showed us what it's like."

So let's assume the worst is over and the Tigers still have all their fingers and toes. What's next? A week off and then North Carolina Central in the home opener, who'll be coming off their own FBS test at Duke.

The Savannah State/NC Central game may even be a blurb on College Gameday or College Football Final, something that never would have been possible without those first two results. After that, the Tigers will be in the national rearview, so they'll need to make this one count.

On the flip side, Florida State's first two romps versus FCS schools may have irreparably damaged their 2012 National Championship hopes.

Computer rankings are still part of the BCS formula, and Murray State and Savannah State will only weigh the Seminoles down. Not to mention the pollsters who may have to ultimately decide between FSU and a SEC or Pac-12 team, and compare strength of schedule.

Yes West Virginia bailed on them, which left Florida State to throw a bunch of money at Savannah State to fill the hole on their calendar. But a team can only be judged on their body of work for a given season. Computers can't factor in broken contracts.

So this is what the business has come to: Savannah State loses big, but cashes in. Florida State wins big, but takes the hit.

No wonder Mother Nature saw the affront and intervened early.

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