Saturday, June 6, 2009


I like to think I grew up in the "golden age" of tennis.

Borg. Connors. McEnroe. Lendl. Becker. Which spawned the next era of Sampras and Agassi. Today isn't shabby either with Federer and Nadal, but neither of them are American.

The women's side still has strong US representation, and international sex appeal as well.

Tennis is still globally relavant, but it's not moving the meter much here in Dixie.

Tennis happens all over the world at all hours, but it's a different age now with the internet, ESPNEWS, etc. If I'm at the playground, I can keep up with scores on my phone. If I'm in the car, I get updates every 20 minutes on ESPN Radio.

I expect to pop in the house and see live action.

On Sunday morning, Rafael Nadal entered his 4th Round match against #23 Robin Soderling having never lost at Roland Garros (31-0). But as I learned he was on the ropes I raced home to check out the end.

It was the weekend so I went to NBC first - infomercial. So I went to ESPN2, the Grand Slam Network - Outdoor show. No live coverage for the biggest upset in the sport in years.

On Friday afternoon, Roger Federer was in a deadlock against #5 Juan Martin Del Potro. It was the Men's Semis, so I went to NBC first - Judge Judy. I went to ESPN2 - College Baseball Super Regionals. Great event, not what I was looking for.

No live TV for Federer's 5-set gut-check win to knock on the door for his first French title.

Twice this week, the live TV situation completely burned me - and is helping to push me away from a sport I used to love.

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