Monday, June 29, 2009

Turning Backtime: One Week

A wise man and bona fide TV star once told me “If you feed your blog, it will grow. If you don’t, it will die.”

I hope the one-week layoff didn’t bring any medical examiners to my computer to draw any chalk outlines. The Backtime editorial department has been doing some major house-cleaning (yes it’s a metaphor, use your imagination), but we’re open for business again. So we’ll start with a backlog of last week’s notable experiences.

Monday/Tuesday – Karate Lessons.

What is a 40-year old man doing in Tae Kwon Do? Well my 5-year old son has had some developmental delays, and we started him in Karate (among many other things) some time ago. He likes it and has made incremental progress, but he’s struggling.

I thought if Dad learned some things, he would be able to show some moves to the young grasshopper.

The issue now is my abs. For two days, it was excruciating to pick up my 30-pound daughter, to cough, or laugh. Forget sleep.

Thursday – Sand Gnats Game

Single-A Baseball with a group of friends is a great diversion. The Sand Gnats (Mets) hosted the Charleston River Dogs (Yankees), so this was one occasion where I rooted for the lesser organization.

Didn’t get a chance to see Pat Venditte, Charleston’s switch-handed closer and Mariano Rivera’s future replacement, as the home team squeaked out a 1-run win.

But I did get a chance to see (and conquer) a Philly Cheesesteak at the game. Despite being seemingly devoid of cheese (they told me it was mixed in there), it was as good as any I’ve had in Philly. Just one man’s opinion. Check it out for yourself next time at Grayson Stadium.

Weekend – Muy Caliente!

Trying to find stuff to keep you cool is rough. I have been running almost every day, and I’ve pretty well acclimated myself to the Savannah weather in my second summer here. Though that hasn’t reflected in my weight…at least as much as it should.

The kids did the beach and a picnic on Saturday, and got a little overheated after all that activity. Sunday was an indoor playground. Gotta start staking out as many of those as I can, otherwise it's back to the family pool.

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