Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Up Homes? Santa Barbara Edition

Ah, the California coast. Weather never gets too hot or too cold. Lots of glorious afternoons once the marine layer dissipates. So what if you have a few brush fires, earthquakes, or imported LA smog? You might also have a house like this: Multi-level backyard with great stone settings and orange trees. Just what the hungover post-wedding crowd ordered.

Colorful and eclectic, yet tasteful.

Obviously plenty of time and space going into success (or failure) in your garden endeavors. Either way, worth the effort.

And welcome to my kind of office. My cousin Roger, the faculty religion/sociology bigwig at UCSB calls it "the cockpit." Now I have never lived in California, nor visited for very long. It's pretty pleasant. Maybe just drop me from a helicopter with a parachute and a turkey and cheese wrap over one of Santa Barbara's wineries and let me get lost for a few days. I could check out any time I like, but I may never leave.

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