Friday, January 1, 2010

If Urban Meyer Hangs up the Headset...

After a historic 4-year run, Urban Meyer's future at Florida is admittedly uncertain, to say the least. Now the speculation begins - if Meyer decides to step down and put his health and family first - as to who will lead the Gator Nation into the future.

The names of Dan Mullen, Charlie Strong, and anyone with a connection to Gainseville or Meyer is bound to be mentioned as long as the situation remains in limbo after tonight's Sugar Bowl.

So I'm going to go off the board, and name Tim Tebow as the next Florida Head Coach. OK now, when you're done laughing let's look at this objectively. What are the main requirements of a major (MAJOR) college Head Coach?

1. You are the face of the university.
2. You recruit the best players.
3. You have the full attention of everyone in the program.

Tebow? No doubt. Check, check, and check.

My favorite Tebow story is that when he was a true freshman, on campus for one month, and he wasn't even the starting QB, he was voted his team's captain for the offense vs defense tug-of-war at the end of training camp. That is the type of presence he possesses.

Why should Tebow live in relative obscurity as an NFL tight end or clipboard-holding backup QB when he can continue his legacy and cut maybe the most unique profile in the history of college football?

Is he ready to run a program from A to Z, formulate a gameplan, or call all the plays? Probably not. You can't think he's going to out-strategize Nick Saban at 23 years old. But there's nobody who'd be more comfortable with an on-the-job training situation.

Knowing what we know about Tebow, he would rise to the challenge. Most importantly those rabid Gator fans would be on board. And we know the headset fits.

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