Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Attention Tannenbaum, Jets: Don't Sweat, Turn the Corner

I know the last week has been busy. I know there's no QB. That isn't exactly a new problem. I can remember as far back as December of '08 when that was an issue.

But the NFL's most important position has become so much right place, right time, right system. Two rookies led their teams to the playoffs, one to a conference championship game. An undrafted World League/Arena afterthought just took his team to the SuperBowl for the 3rd time. And, need I invoke the draft position of Tom Brady or does everyone already know it?

Finding a veteran top-notch cover corner, someone to put opposite 23-year old phenom Darrelle Revis is much more crucial. You think there are any guys like that out there? Ya think? You think one may have played all 10 of his NFL seasons on Rex Ryan's defense?

Chris McAlister has been (justifiably) overshadowed for years on a defense that has featured Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs. But a lot of those guys are free to make plays because McAlister has had one side of the field under wraps.

McAlister was a 3-way threat as a collegian at Arizona, and carried that to the pros with 7 career TDs, 3 Pro Bowls , and even an INT in the Super Bowl. He has had injury concerns in recent years, but that doesn't top the list of the 8 million reasons Baltimore cut him.

So Mike Tannenbaum, pick up the phone and get this corner off the market.

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