Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here's The Situation: Ron Franklin's Oscar Picks

Fans of major college football and basketball appreciate the drama (and occasional comedy) that comes through the narration of Ron Franklin. Ron not only appreciates the drama from the live action, but from Hollywood.

Ron has seen virtually all the films nominated and offers his predictions with his take:

Best Picture – Slumdog Millionaire - Just an incredible story of perseverance. The living conditions were captured in a way never seen before.

Best Actor – Frank Langella “Frost/Nixon” – An underrated actor “nailed” Nixon like nobody had yet.

Best Actress – Kate Winslet “The Reader” – She could have won for this or “Revolutionary Road” – which she wasn’t nominated for.

Best Director – Ron Howard “Frost/Nixon” – Felt like you were transported back in time and the tension really escalates.


Gran Torino” – A beautiful film and a definitive statement on prejudice and racism.

Leonardo DiCaprio “Revolutionary Road” – Compelling performance in a depressing turn about broken dreams.

There's the situation from a man who can call drama when he sees it.

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  1. What no Best Supporting actor or actress?
    Without an Ed Cunnigham or Fran Fraschilla there is no Best Picture (game)!