Saturday, February 21, 2009

Got an Eskimo Jones

Stillwater, Oklahoma isn't the easiest place to get to. But there is plenty worthwhile once you get there. The Cowboy hoops squad got some senior leadership from Byron Eaton today, closed out Baylor to go 6-6 in the Big 12, and kept their NCAA Tournament hopes alive.

After the game, you gotta go to Eskimo Joe's. The only problem is that everybody else does too. When we arrived were told it's a 90-minute wait. I looked at the list and we were immediately behind groups of 8,9, and 20. We went to the bar to take our chances, and were served promptly. After a cold beverage, time for the house specialty.

That's right, chili-cheese fries (If my wife happens to be reading this - I took the picture from the table next to us - I of course had a salad with a side of fruit). Anyway, our neighboring patrons sure looked like they enjoyed them.

Great place to watch the hoops, talk sports, and buy all kinds of gear. The kids already bounce around Savannah playgrounds in their Eskimo Joe's hoodies.

Unless OSU winds up in the NIT, and I happen to be assigned there, old Joe will have to keep a seat saved for me in the fall. My arteries hopefully will have softened up by then.

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