Friday, February 13, 2009

Flying for a Living and Living to think about it

It’s a numbing scene. It’s background noise. Those of us in “the business” take it for granted every single day. Maybe you didn’t get your upgrade. Maybe it took too long to get service in the pub at B terminal. Maybe your travel department forced you way out of your way to save money. Life this time of year is about getting from Point A to Point B. But today was different.

Today we learned that Continental Connection flight 3407 left Newark last night and never got to Point B -Buffalo, New York. Now we all know that we are more likely to get hit by a bus crossing the street or get hit by lightning on the golf course rather than die in a plane crash, but it still hits home.

Having lived in NYC for 6 years, I could picture myself on a USAir flight to Charlotte, and a commuter flight to Buffalo seems familiar too. Maybe, wherever you headed today, on Friday the 13th, you thought how lucky you are that airport travel is more about hassles than potential danger.

Maybe when you left Point A today, you thought about your family. Maybe you didn’t sweat the small stuff. Maybe you booked your next flight.


  1. I loathe flying. I would rather rent a car and drive 6 extra hours. The lack of control is unnerving.

    I think that says more about me than it should.

  2. I prefer to fly as well. Cruise Control, XM. But Savannah to Norman? Savannah to Lubbock? I should just hang up my headset and be a truck driver.

  3. My dad also had a weird experience on a flight the other day. He was on his way to New Zealand, flying past Hawaii when the captain announced that he was turning around and landing in Hawaii because of technical problems. He described it as similar to "Lost" in a strange way except that they landed safely in Hawaii at an airport.

  4. Here's my latest experience... I was going from my game in Colorado to my game in College station so I decided to fly non-stop to Houston and drive the rest of the way taking the guess work out of it of whether or not my connection would get cancelled or delayed. On my way to Houston I was sitting in first class (my only perk of traveling a lot) and just after I reclined the seat half way their was a large cracking sound. My seat had broke and fully reclined for the remainder of the flight. Try eating your meal on your back!

  5. "Try eating your meal on your back!"

    like you've done thousands of times at 4am at some random person's house in hollywood hills??

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