Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lawrence, Kansas: A Midwest Oasis

When it's a dreary day in February and I ache for my family...when I think I'm just too road-weary, I get to a familiar place and catch my second wind. There are so many superlatives that make Lawrence my favorite college town:

My favorite remodeled 19th century hotel.

My favorite hotel pub/restaurant.

The best mac'n'cheese in America. (sorry, Mom)

The haunted hotel room.
(I've tried a dozen times but the picture won't stay in line)

The best college basketball venue in America.
(the reason I'm here)

Now I can't call Kansas my favorite team. The truth is I want every game to be a buzzer-beater and I don't care who wins. But let's just say I hope the Jayhawk program continues to thrive so I can continue to come back here.

Kansas won yesterday to go 8-0 in the Big 12. Now they head to Coulmbia, Missouri for Big Monday that will be the biggest game for Mizzou in years. That campus will be crazed. Let's see what kind of a show the Tigers put on!

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  1. Eric,
    You are indeed on to something, but Lawrence is so much more than an old hotel with fine cuisine and a truly historic field house. The best part is that it is just a short drive from KC Airport... it''s old colonial charm meets 21st century. Surprisingly, Lawrence has some truly great eatery's with plenty of choices:

    When you wake in the morn you could do the ever popular Starbuck's or Einstien Bros. (love the bagels & Locs) or for local fair try a native's favorite Milton's, they have big hearty breakfast at an affordable price, but you might want to give yourself some extra time because there is always a line.

    For dinner they have some wonderful options eat at The Eldridge hotel or try Teller's a upscale place set in an old bank. if you think just because your in Kansas which is no where near the ocean and you think they don't have good sushi, then think again. Yokohama's sushi & sports has some real good sushi, and the best part is you can watch your favorite game on a big screen hd tv.

    If night life is what you crave try a few of my favorite haunts on Massachusetts ave:
    Sandbar- friendly bar staff dive type atmosphere with a beach theme
    Louise''s- pool tables and great variety of beer
    Fatso's- Friendly bartenders cheap drinks sports on tv

    There is so much more to Lawrence than on old hotel with a overrated reputation for being haunted. I should know I stayed in 506 the only portal the room took me to was snoozville!