Saturday, July 14, 2012

Backtime Returns: Let Your Garden Grow

Please forgive me for I have sinned. It has been 601 days since my last blog post.

What was I waiting for? Some big rollout for Backtime 2.0? Something of the utmost significance to occur? 

Well many opportunities came and went, and I realized I'm no web designer. I don't know the first thing about graphic layouts and I don't know the second thing about HTML. I'm not a marketer either. All I do is write content - which is the only real requirement for this.

I sat next to a quasi-celebrity on a plane once. He had a hit TV show once, and has written several books. He had some simple and novel advice for me: Feed your blog and it will grow, leave it untended and it will shrivel up and die.

So today I symbolically went to The Home Depot and spent about $60 planting seeds for the future. I have a few weeks before I hit the road again and I will make sure I tend to my garden. Metaphorically speaking, I hope to do the same with this web log. Water the plants and Backtime every day. 

You never know what will happen. I hadn't posted in almost a year and on Monday November 7, 2011, Joe Frazier died. People around the world searched his name and came upon my link, and by the end of the week my dormant blog received nearly 10,000 hits.

So Backtime is back. And there's no rollout, no new message. Just perspective on all things.

Tomorrow: Backtime's editorial department consumed the entire Freeh Report and deconstructs the Penn State debacle.


  1. Welcome back! I too have slowed to almost a trickle--most days I don't miss it, but then there are days I miss it terribly.

    Anyway, as you peruse the Freeh Report, tabulate the number of years the head honchos should be imprisoned, THEN, the number of years PSU should be football-less. I say at least 5 for both categories.

  2. Welcome back my friend. It's a 140-character universe now but these things are cyclical. Even the NL is winning All-Star Games. Oh yeah, and there's an election coming up.