Friday, May 10, 2013

Blah Blah Blah

I can't think of anything substantial to write about this week. You'd think that regular memoir entries would dry up when you're criss-crossing the country, stuck in airports, or duct-taped into a moderately comfortable big chair in a TV mobile unit. But actually that's a breeze compared to day-to-day life as a domesticated Dad.

The to-do list never ends. The kids need constant redirection. Laundry and dishes are every day events. Water the plants. Get groceries. Karate. Gymnastics. Dance. Soccer. School events. There is no Backtime to schedule. It makes me wonder how mothers ever did it. And forget it for working single mothers, I'm having a hard enough time maintaining a blog.

Happy Mother's Day by the way. And for all of the fathers out there who do mother's work, then happy Motherfuckers Day. You get nothing.

But seriously folks, I don't know how moms have done it for all these millenia. It is an incredibly arduous job with no pay, no chance for promotion, and no tangible benefits.

Except the legacy you leave behind, the satisfaction of your participation in the lives of your future generation, and of course, your blog.

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