Friday, April 3, 2009

Coming Soon to an NFL Stadium near you

One would have to think that Michael Vick will be playing pro football again this fall. America is built on second chances, and Vick is saying and doing the right things now to rejoin society and the workforce.

His work, of course, is a little more public than just about every other ex-con, and for that he will be under the microscope at all times.

Michael Vick won't be able to make the same missteps and errors in judgment.

There was the "Ron Mexico" alias, the name Vick gave while spreading genital herpes around the greater Atlanta area. There was the marijuana-in-a-fake-water-bottle incident at the airport. He gave the finger to his home crowd. And of course, the most heinous dog-fighting ring.

Vick is demonized for the behavior, but dogfights are clearly a sociological problem first. He grew up around it. His role models practiced it, his friends used him and his money to continue it. He was obviously all-too complicit in all of this, and he has paid the heaviest price.

He lost in the court of public opinion long before he lost his freedom. He's lost all his money, and as of now, still has lost the ability to make a living in his chosen profession. Basically, he's lost everything. And when he gets out of jail this summer, many will think of him as infamously as O.J. Simpson or Rae Carruth.

Since he is already at rock bottom, this is where redemption can begin. When he returns to society he will be 29 years old. He can use his notoriety to bring awareness to the sick circle that he was a part of, and spend his future time and money to be a productive member of the world. That is best achieved in sports' biggest spotlight.

I, personally, will be rooting for him. My opinion on this is somewhat shaded since I did a shoot with him when he was a young Virginia Tech Hokie in 1999 and I found him polite and unassuming, "Call me Mike." I don't know anyone in this business who met him and disliked him personally.

The second chance will likely be there for Mike. The third chance won't. That would be a waste of everybody's time.


  1. I say give the guy a chance. Legally he paid his debt to society. We do live in a "right to work" country. His profession is football. Everyday men and women in the U.S. are given second chances at their professions. Afterall sports has become a business..(even though i'm not a big fan of that attitude).

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