Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lights, Camera...Savannah

The clock has run out on money-making season. So I get home to find that the Walt Disney corporation was shooting a pilot for a crime-drama about a two-minute walk from my front door. They must have forgot to call.

So I went over there myself. I'll do production for food. What do you need, some re-writes? Maybe some timing? Starbucks run? Not likely. They had enough people on the clock waiting for the rain and clouds to break up.

ABC is shooting a pilot called "Solving Charlie" a few blocks from home base. Apparently it's a series in which a detective relies on his brilliant 11-year old brother to solve murders. But the crew of about 80 on site are a little short on details. It's either that it's some kind of big secret or what I suspected all along...most people on a production have no idea why they're there.

Or maybe there's some kind of superstitious deal with a pilot, where if you brag about it - it automatically takes a nosedive. Like talking about a no-hitter or mentioning a foul shooter's streak while he's on the line.

Anyway, it can only achieve greater success than the feature film that shot scenes in my building in NYC. A forgettable romantic comedy called Down To You with Freddy Prinze, Jr and Julia Stiles. Careers that haven't been heard from since. Maybe I'm the jinx.


  1. Maybe they need some help with a dry erase board...or suggestions for good mexican catering?

  2. Rumor has it this features a budding star named Robert Slawsby...