Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Thought Lightning Never Strikes The Same Place Twice

Yet there I was exactly 20 weeks later, driving East on Anderson approx 9:50 AM on a rainy Tuesday morning on my way to Black Belt class.

Out of the blue, a young man not used to the treacherous one-ways of "city" driving made a left turn from the right land and sideswiped my front end.

Not only was this move incredibly puzzling on the surface, but he tried to make his left onto Price - which is a one-way the other way. It was just a whole crazy big bag of driving for dummies.

So the family roadster 2.0, not even four months old, got its front right bumper disengaged just days before an ambitious east coast road trip.

No persons were harmed in this mishap, and the damage to the vehicle is somewhere between minimal and moderate. But the timing sucks, and the circumstances are going to make me gunshy about driving a certain road at a certain time in certain conditions.

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