Tuesday, April 23, 2013

REVISionist History

It's sad that this was Darrelle Revis's last moment in a Jets uniform. Carted off the field Week 3 in Miami after tearing his ACL on a non-contact play on a grass field.

How would the Jets season have played out if Revis's season wasn't prematurely finished? Would Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow have become BFFs? Would the Jets have made the playoffs? The Super Bowl? Would Darrelle Revis still be a Jet?

Too bad injuries are a big part of the game, and there are no "ifs" in football. It's a business, and the Jets made a business decision in the trade of Revis to Tampa.

As a fan, it's very hard to say goodbye. I've watched the Jets my whole life and there are only two players in franchise history who could be considered the best player in the league at their position. First was Joe Klecko, and now Revis, whose consistently excellent play was so far removed from anything Jets fans have grown to expect.

But I am an educated fan, a realist. The $16M a year Revis was expecting, coming off knee surgery, was exorbitant. He may have earned the right to name his figure, but the Jets can look at the spreadsheet and see they can pay 6 quality starters in 2014 instead. Even deposed GM Mike Tannenbaum knows that.

And did anyone see teams lined up around the block to try to acquire the NFL's best cornerback? No, they all have businesses to run too. Except for the Buccaneers. And more power to them. Maybe Revis is their missing piece, and he's an elite player, a proven quantity.

The Jets got the #13 pick in the draft in return, and the rebuilding begins again. But six years ago, the Jets took Revis with the 14th pick so not all hope is lost. What is lost is the opportunity to watch a master craftsman at his profession, a player that never disappointed you on arguably the most disappointing team in professional sports. OK now, back to business.

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