Friday, December 28, 2012

Backtime Walkabout: The Streets of San Francisco

While I always love a trip to northern California, being plopped right in the middle of downtown San Francisco isn't really my thing. I lived in New York for 6 years and Times Square is for tourists. Ditto for Union Square, SF.

You think of San Fran as a progressive city with their liberal lawmakers and their clean, green taxicabs.

But actually it's really grungy (and I don't mean that in a good way), and very expensive. The streets aren't that clean, there are panhandlers on almost every corner, and tourists from all over the world still blow cigarette smoke all over the place.

During my downtime I found a pretty good mexican joint and a grabbed a coffee and sat on a park bench and people-watched. It was a nice chance to exhale. It's got to be all downhill from here.

Outside of getting a great workout for the calves, I'm not a huge fan. Next time I'm staying in Pacific Heights, or maybe my next flight to the Bay area will involve a side trip to Napa.

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