Thursday, December 13, 2012

Backtime Walkabout: Sugar Land

Staying in Sugar Land, Texas, one of the well-to-do suburbs of Houston. And you'd think like in most of Texas you can't really walk from one place to another. But here, that isn't the case.

You leave your brand-new hotel and cross a brand-new bridge over a man-made lake, and you find yourself in an upscale outdoor mall with a number of restaurants and shops.

I made the walk last night with a friend to an excellent pizza/pasta/wine bistro, called Coal Vines. The pizza was very reminiscent of John's in New York, which is the gold standard for brick oven pizza.

My colleague had to pay since he had lost our bet on the election. I would have preferred to split the tab, and just remind him every time I see him that he still owes me dinner. But like a good little Republican he didn't want to be beholden to his debt.

So the walk this morning was in search of a good breakfast joint. But no greasy spoons were to be found in Sugar Land, the one-time "fittest city in Texas." Instead I found the largest Whole Foods I had seen in my life.

I went up to the breakfast bar, and shoveled a lump of migas (when in Texas...) into an eco-friendly container, ordered a dirty chai, and got out of there spending just $6.75 - a new record.

Now it's off to work - going to go see the Harrison twins, in a possible sneak preview of Kentucky's next basketball championship in 2014.

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