Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Off The Clock?

While criss-crossing the country for almost non-stop for a month is good for the kids' college fund, it's a guaranteed plant killer.

I promised myself I'd blog every day my plants were alive (this is 144 consecutive days), though I'm not really sure when they died since I've only been home 6 days in the last 4 weeks.

Here was the November itinerary, with brief highlights:

Athens OH - Election night in a pivotal state
Stillwater OK - Cheap 4-hour dry cleaning
Athens GA - 3 great meals (Hoyt House, Utage, 5-Star)

Home (18 hours)

Gainesville FL - Boring as usual. Reminders of Tim Tebow everywhere

Home (32 hours)

Orlando FL - Big suite at The Grand Bohemian
Kansas City MO - Warmer weather than Orlando

Home (24 hours)

College Station TX - Midnight Yell & Johnny Football's Home Finale'

Home (24 hours)

Tallahassee FL - Great crew, excellent broadcast

Home (2 days!)

Providence RI - Snow!
Louisville KY - Best college town/downtown combo (alright Austin, you win)

Now I'm home for a few - I get to reacquaint myself with my family and take care of more mundane things like getting the house in order, paying bills, and planning my daughter's birthday party.

This week there's no plane to catch or calltime to make, or countdown to air. So what's that ticking sound?


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