Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Backtime Tends To Its Garden

Okay- 1 month of Backtime 2.0 and the plants have been watered every day.

It's rare that I go a month straight at home, and even rarer we got as much rain as we had, but every day the plants were watered and the blog was fed. Success? How is that measured exactly? In days? Months? Years?

I can look outside and see the bright patch on the corner of a busy Savannah thoroughfare and then go back to the cave and and see my slice of the internet has a fresh post. And each day there is growth.

I don't write to see how many hits I get or for my resume reel. If I write book reviews or try to define culture or attempt political humor, it's only my mind working overtime. And when the mind stagnates, there's always the Yankees and the Jets.

The spirit has been fed too. Surf lessons, karate, vicious workouts, swimming, rockwall climbing, rollerskating (that didn't go so well), go-karts, golf, plenty of cooking, and lots of video games. And then there are the small creatures that inhabit my property. They were nourished as well. Beds were made. Baths were administered. Laundry and dishes were kept up with.

The only thing that fell by the waste side was the feeding of the mind. I am on the same Elmore Leonard novel I was on 31 days ago. There's nothing wrong with the book, I just don't find myself in the same situations (the car pick-up lane, on planes) where my natural inclination is to read.

It's because I'm in front of the computer. Or in the front yard. Or doing a million other things. You gotta shake the Etch-A-Sketch every day.

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