Sunday, October 28, 2012

Savannah Forecast: Fair

In my 5 years in Savannah, I've had more issues with the weather forecaster than the actual weather. And while the northeast buckles down for a massive storm, we had kind of an ideal fall weekend here.

I actually fell for the rainy, windy forecast upon my arrival back home Saturday morning, so I whisked the kids and my parents off to the movies instead of messing with the outdoors. We saw Frankenweenie, a typical mildly-scary, messagy Tim Burton flick. It wasn't at all too intense for the primary school kids.

We left the theater and it hadn't rained yet, so we returned to Ottawa Farms and got our exercise zig-zagging through the corn maze for the better part of an hour. This time we made it for the pig races.

Today was one of the picture-perfect, chamber of commerce days that is common in the Savannah spring and autumn. We made the team decision to forego the Jets-Dolphins game at 1 PM, which in hindsight was the best move of the weekend - maybe of my entire life. We hit Shalom Y'all at Forsyth Park instead. It was packed as usual.

It was the fifth straight year I made it to the event with the kids, which runs 11 AM - 4 PM. But if you schmooze, you lose. They run out of pastrami and blintzes long before closing. So after the playground, we chilled back at the homestead before the trek to the The Coastal Empire Fair, which was actually quite well-run.

The beautiful weekend capper is pictured up top. It's a good thing Halloween falls on, and is actually practiced on, a Wednesday this year. There wasn't room for it this weekend.

Now we figure out how long Grandma & Grandpa will be stuck in the house with a return to New York very much as questionable as the weather. Unless you live in Savannah.

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