Friday, March 13, 2009

Backtime Bracket Alert: Connecticut

First of all, I hope you all had your Tivo set for enough time to watch all SIX overtimes of the wildest game ever. It was the ultimate victory for good over evil, at least since Rocky IV. But now there's no easy way out, no short cut home for the survivors.

OK, let me put my inner Otto The Orange back in the closet with my diploma and get to the objective portion of this post:

Despite the grit displayed by both teams, and the resilience of Syarcuse, ultimately this outcome will be more beneficial to UConn. They will be driven by the sting of wanting a game so much and falling short. They will have two extra days to rest and get (relatively) healthy. They will most likely retain a well-earned #1 seed.

I was on the fence whether the Huskies were a Final Four team, but not any longer. The spirit that they showed in defeat will drive them possibly to yet another Championship. I know what you're thinking: Any idiot can pick Connecticut. Well, one just did.

Backtime readers (all 45 of them) generally have high IQ scores, so finish this sentence:

1999. 2004. Blank.

Looks like Coach Calhoun and company will be making more money for the University of Connecticut (a state-run public institution) again this March...and April.