Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Playoff? A Shout in the Dark

Another attempt has been made to get this mythical crystal trophy away from college football's bluebloods.

The Mountain West Conference submitted to the BCS a proposal for an 8-team playoff, which may actually reward teams for their season and not their conference affiliation.

It's a move that is clearly symbolic at best, like firing a flare gun at a steamroller. Especially from a conference that has seen one of its members (Utah, twice) go undefeated, win a BCS Bowl , and not be considered for a national championship.

Surely the BCS will remain steadfast as Rush Limbaugh against the ever-growing populace thirsting for change. But how long will the power-brokers continue to be unreceptive to popular opinion? Simply, forever.

There is no motivation, financial or otherwise, to change anything. The major conferences make a ton. The TV ratings for second and third tier Bowls have never been higher. People have Bowl confidence pools and time on their hands and Holiday parties to attend, and they will take the football in whatever package you hand them.

But there's got to be a way to decide a champion who worked their way through a tournament. It's the way that every other sport does it. And the perfect specific system isn't the issue anymore. This has been pondered by big-time entities and logistically it can happen. It's having the clout to actually push this through. Maybe it will have to come from the President, or maybe from Notre Dame, or even Limbaugh himself.


  1. Urban "God" Meyer in FLA says he thinks a playoff is coming.

    Maybe the economic downturn and the sight of less full stadiums will hasten this along?

  2. what is this fetish with rush limbaugh??? is he your true north?

  3. When did Fran change his name to Anonymous?

  4. I changed it after I was spotted at an Obama rally last november

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