Thursday, March 19, 2009

Backtime: Looking for a Summer Job

With one week left in my college hoop season, I thought that I could use some part-time work this summer and try to put a little extra scratch in my pocket in this economic climate.

The Savannah Sand Gnats are a single-A affiliate of the New York Mets. If you don't know what an actual sand gnat is, consider yourself lucky. They're about as frustrating as the Mets' recent finishes. For the hundreds of people who showed up, they had to deal with the sand gnats while trying to land some work for the Sand Gnats, all while hearing people trying out to sing the national anthem with varying degrees of success.

I figured I like baseball, why not spend some summer nights out at the ballpark? There might be some fun jobs to fit my skill set: Radio analyst? Video board producer? Promo writer? Team blogger? Gnate the Gnat? Scratch that last one. Wearing the bug suit may actually protect you from the bugs, but doesn't sound like much fun on the umteenth 90+ degree/90% humidity day of the season.

Reality set in: Scoreboard operator. Program sales. Usher. "Inflatable" Attendant (what the heck is that?). Now I wasn't really looking for the money as much as a fun diversion. But I'd still need to make more than our babysitter, who'd be watching the kids while I was out.

And while I'm trying to be funny, I'm not making fun. A job is a job in 2009, and lots of people need them. That's why there were so many people there.

So cross off baseball. What else do I know? Television! I looked across Victory Drive.

Do you think local TV stations are hiring?

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