Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going Green isn't always healthy, Part II

This is my second year in Savannah, and my first year to experience the world-renowned Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Lots of great imagery and diversity. Lots of alcohol. Early in the morning. I had hoped to give an hour-by-hour synopsis full of revelry and wild anecdotes. But alas, the kids slept horribly last night.

Although there was still reason for hope.

Our 2-year old angel was running around and shouting from 3-to-7 AM, but crashed for a power nap and was pretty chipper.

Our 4-year old whirlwind was battling an ear infection, but was wide-eyed and captivated.

Dad was rocking the (in)famous "Riddler" green corduroys - suspiciously not pictured. I guess it's the one day of the year they didn't stand out. Anyway, I was on sangria #2 when mini-me threw in the towel.

Guess we'll have to have that talk on his 5th birthday.

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  1. dude that's me when I was a kid. slip a little sangera in the cranberry juice I started drinking and smoking at 5