Friday, March 20, 2009

Big Stuff Ahead

That’s right, there’s a lot on the line this Sunday Night. Almost too much for one family to deal with, no matter how many spouses there are.

But Bill Henrickson doesn’t seem likely to crack under the pressure. He’ll look you in the eye and convince you of anything, especially that he’s telling you the truth. He’ll do whatever it takes to preserve his belief in “the principle” without the politics and corruption of the polygamist compound.

BIG LOVE was once a “dramady” like Six Feet Under, a premise so outrageous and quirky that it was more like a comedy with dramatic twists. Now the storylines branch out, and the branches have branches.

How about a secondary character like Bill’s brother? Joey’s second wife-to-be, was killed on the compound in an “accident” on their wedding day. He knows there’s some foul play involved after she testified against “the prophet” Roman Grant. Now he’s torturing himself with his lust for her twin sister, who happens to be married to his dad.

So many questions. Will Bill get his casino built in Idaho? Will Bill and Nicki be unsealed? Will the Greens release the abducted Kim Lee? Will the church hand over the letter that justifies polygamy?

Now the relentless tension ratchets up in every scene, and I consider it the all-time #4 HBO drama.

5. OZ

Getting ready for a lighter summer and the return of Larry David.

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