Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Backtime 2012 Big Finished

So 2013 began with an alarm sounding at 3:45 AM CT, a 70-minute drive and two flights home. But relaxation time wasn't to be had. There would be no curling up the toes in the Tybee sand.

When I got home, the porch lights were burned out, the mail was piled up, and I felt like I'd been gone a lot longer. I had to turn on the heat and get groceries and balance the checkbook - which should get a little heavier after this trip.

Here were the final tallies:

13 days on the road
4 live events
11 hours of live programming
10 flight segments on 3 airlines
6 different hotels
3 rental cars
4 time zones (includes layover in Salt Lake City)

So after Waco-Vegas-Detroit-San Fran-Stillwater, it was time for a day of mindless football watching and video games with the kids. If my daughter wants to watch back-to-back-to-back episodes of Full House, go for it.

The events of Monday, the day after the NFL season concluded are not lost on the Backtime editorial department. More on that when the batteries are recharged tomorrow.

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