Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Capitol Idea

I'm not exactly sure what the powers that be were looking to get out of the Benghazi hearings yesterday, but it didn't seem like there were any dots to connect. If anything, this was master political positioning from the Clinton camp.

I'm not saying Hillary Clinton's illness was faked by any stretch, but it was certainly fortuitous timing as it relates to this matter. She had extra time to prepare for every angle, and most importantly it was her last appearance as Secretary of State. So it wasn't just a congressional hearing, it was a going-away party.

As everyone thanked her for her tenure with the State Department, it became a love-fest. If anyone expected her to fall on her sword in a moment of great panic or bewilderment, that was a Hail Mary.

If anything it hurt the GOP in the future as Clinton came across as forceful and unflappable, and thus an imposing figure should she become the Dem nominee in 2016. The substance of what she was saying was secondary as we've learned in today's politics.

Mitt Romney won a presidential debate by incessantly lying and changing his story. Joe Biden won a vice-presidential debate by incessantly interrupting and talking down to Paul Ryan. It's not what these people say as much as the presence they bring to a confrontation, at least in the eyes of the average American.

Now who's got more headwinds going into 2016, Clinton or Biden? The left probably likes either option, there's "an heir and a spare."

It's hard to see Biden not getting the nod if he wants it. He's been President Obama's hammer in dealing with Congress and spreading the message, which trumps Hillary jet-setting all over the world as a liaison. Obama would be compelled to endorse Biden, though Ms. Clinton at her current standing (which is unlikely to change in the coming months or years) may not even need his endorsement.

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